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How much and what grade of oil do I put in the gearbox of my C-Dax spreader?

Gearboxes for CDIT300 and 400 have 400ml of oil.
Gearboxes for Magmaster/130LT spreader have 300ml of oil.
Grade of oil is standard ,SAE30.


I need to replace the carpets in my Eliminator weed wiper, what are the options? 

Carpet assemblies consist of the woollen carpet as well as the feed tube inside it. Replacements can be purchased as the whole assembly, the carpet or just the feed tube. For part numbers and quantities, go to the “diagrams/manuals” section of the website, scroll down until you find the Eliminator and click on the relevant carpet assembly for the breakdown.


Does the Flojet pump fit and replace the Shurflo pump on old product range items such as a SprayRider™ 60 or 100, or the GardenMate 50?

Yes and no—the Flojet pump will do the job but fitting of the pump changes depending on what unit it is and it's not a perfect fit as the height and length is different between the two pumps.