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C-DAX welcomes new Managing Director, Greig Shearer

After fifteen years at the helm, Bill Franklin is moving on from C-DAX and will be replaced by Greig Shearer.

Greig joins C-DAX with 30 years experience in the agricultural sector, primarily within the dairy industry on both sides of the Tasman, most recently leading the development and sale of Kapiti Fine Foods to Fonterra. Prior to joining Kapiti Fine Foods, Greig worked for Bonlac Foods and Bonland Dairies in Melbourne leading the international division prior to his departure.

Providing customers with innovative, functional, and quality products has always been what C-DAX lives for, and Greig is looking forward to the challenge of continuing to take C-DAX on this journey.

Bill Franklin leaves with the company’s best wishes and would like to extend his thanks to all those within the industry that he has worked with and who have supported C-DAX over the last 15 years. In particular, Bill passes on his gratitude to New Zealand’s Farmers for their support during his time at C-DAX.